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Best selling author, Professor in the Department of Political Science at Queens College in New York.

PBSNewsHour: Thinking about math in terms of literacy, not levels

Appearance in Columbus

Please join us on Thursday, October 13th at 7pm for a reading and discussion of The Math Myth: and Other STEM Delusions, with author Andrew Hacker. 

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Math Debate at The Museum of Mathematics VIDEO is now available on C-SPAN. Andrew Hacker and James Tanton discuss the book, The Math Myth: And Other STEM Delusions, about whether advanced mathematics should be required in school.

Dept. of Myth-Busting: Sisyphean?

BY Rebecca Mead - June 27th, 2016
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The Math Myth Audio Book

Announcing the audio edition of
"The Math Myth" read by Barry Press,
now available on Amazon and Audible.

Andrew Hacker

Andrew Hacker

About The Math Myth

         The Math Myth starts with a simple question: why? As if a child asked you, “why do girls have longer hair?” You’d have to stretch your mind to come up with a convincing answer. In much the same vein, The Math Myth asks: why are we making every young American endure a full menu of mathematics, with no alternatives or exceptions?

          After analyzing an array of responses, the book concludes there are no convincing reasons for maintaining the prevailing regimen. Even worse, it has become a harsh and senseless barrier to diplomas and careers, suppressing opportunities, stifling creativity, and preventing millions of young people and adults from developing their true talents.
          The book scrutinizes widely held beliefs.  Like the notion that mathematics sharpens the mind; that mastery of azimuths and asymptotes will be needed for most jobs; that the entire Common Core structure should be required of every student. The Math Myth warns that a frenzied emphasis on STEM diverts attention from crucial pursuits and is subverting the strengths and spirit of this country.
          The book proposes other options, including greater facility with figures, quantitative reasoning, and deciphering statistics. The Math Myth has already sparked a national conversation, not just about mathematics, but about the kind of people and society we want to be.

About Andrew Hacker

          I have twin careers. My first is as a classroom teacher, starting at Cornell University and now at Queens College, where my mission is to spur undergraduates to make the most of their minds. My second is as an author, where I combine information, analysis, and irritation, all intended to get readers thinking. My writing has roamed widely, from race and wealth to corporate power and the gulf between the sexes.
          Along the way, I have sojourned in philosophy, drawing on titans like Plato and Hegel and Rousseau. Plus contributing regularly to the New York Times and the New York Review of Books on social, economic, and political issues. In my spare time, I have appeared on Today, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, with Terry Gross and Diane Rehm on National Public Radio, as well as Charlie Rose, Stephen Colbert, and Oprah Winfrey.

Two weeks after publication, The New Press announces a second printing of "The Math Myth."